young adults

20's & 30's

Experience Genuine Community

Life can be great. Life can also be tough.

What do you do when tough questions come? Who do you call on?

We believe that a strong community of believers in Jesus is vitally important during 20's & 30's. That's why  we are here for each other.

What to Expect

Young-Adult Meetups

Young Adults Ministry is all about opportunities for you to grow in your faith and relationships with people in your age group. We connect and enjoy genuine community.
We switch it up as we grow and  one thing is for sure — we will have a great time together as we live life and discover who Jesus is.

We Value Community

Get Connected. Go Deeper!

We talk about God. We talk about the Bible. We talk about things that matter to you.
God made us to do life together. So, let's discover Jesus... together.