Walk In Love

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love…

Walk in Love

To walk in love is to be like God. God is Love and everything He does is in Love. If we want to be more like Him we need to walk in love.

One way to walk in love is to listen to the small voice inside that tells us to show acts of kindness to people. Have you ever had the thought to call someone, just to say hello but put it off and then before you knew it days and even weeks have passed and you didn’t call.

It could be that God put that person on your heart. Maybe they just needed to hear a friendly voice say, “Hello, I’ve been thinking about you”. So often it’s the little things that make big differences.

Every time you think of someone you don’t need to call them; but you could just whisper a prayer of blessing for them. But sometimes you should give them a call, an email or a card; it could brighten up their day and you’ll be walking in love.

Prayer – Father, I thank You that You will help me to be sensitive today so that I may walk in love. I also want to thank you for your love in my life.
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