Yes, miracles happen

By definition a miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Have you ever experienced or seen a miracle? I have and there are times that I need to remind myself that they did happen and that miracles will happen again.

One time when I was visiting a church a boy was there who had a disfigured hip, it was visible through his clothes, the preacher called him out and simply said "you're healed, in Jesus name" and I saw the disfigurement disappear like a balloon being deflated and he began to run around the sanctuary!

Another time at one of our Wednesday night services a mother brought her two year old daughter up for prayer for a foot and ankle that was bent and twisted, I held her foot in my hand and prayed and suddenly I felt and heard a popping and crackling sound and her foot and ankle were totally healed. That happened over 35 years ago and I saw her a couple of years ago, she's a nurse at a local ER and she's still fine!

One time about 40 years ago a man heard my dad preaching and in his message my dad suddenly said "you don't need that methadone anymore". Well, that man gave the tape of the message to a friend who was on methadone, the man listened to the message and no-one saw him for few days, his wife was worried sick that he had overodosed somewhere and was dead. He didn't OD, he wasn't dead, he was delivered and never had to take methadone for his heroin addiction again.

One day about 5 or 6 years ago my daughter called and asked if I could take her husband to the ER, he was experiencing terrible back pain so much so that he could barely walk and wasn't able to work that day. Before we got to the hospital I said let me pray for you and after I prayed he walked into the ER and by time they checked him out the pain was totally gone. God gave him a miracle.

A couple I know was in terrible financial trouble, big trouble. After hearing some messages on financial freedom they were encouraged to believe that they could be free too. They attended a class on financial freedom and as time went by, with a lot of prayer and effort,  they got out of debt and actually began to save and build wealth and today they are totally debt free and enjoying the freedom to give and bless others too!

Another man always wanted to save money but it seemed like it would never happen. After hearing some messages on financial freedom he decided to start to save some money. The teaching he heard gave a weekly guide of saving. You begin the first week saving one dollar and then two dollars the next week and so on. At the end of the first year he saved over one thousand dollars. He's done that each year since, for five years now, and when emergencies came or someone needed some money he could take care of it or help them out. Today he has over six thousand dollars saved up and that's after giving thousands away to help people in need and cover his own emergencies. By the way, he hasn't gotten a pay raise in ten years. He has learned that sometimes miracles take time and personal effort too.

I could go on and give bible examples like the Red Sea parting, the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the woman who was healed of bleeding and so on. But I'll stop here with this encouragement for you. YES -  MIRACLES HAPPEN. They happen not only thousands of years ago, they happen today.

On Friday, November 19th at 7PM we're getting together at Living Water Church to pray for miracles.

Maybe you need a physical healing, a financial healing, a miracle to change bad habits or patterns of living, maybe you've got bad marital problems, an addiction of some kind, a child who's struggling in school or life in general, maybe you need a healing from anxiety or depression - no matter what it is I believe that God can intervene and bring a miracle.

Maybe your miracle will happen instantly or maybe it may be a little at a time, please never give up praying and believing.

If you're reading this and can't make it out to the church send us your prayer request - tap here for the prayer request form.

Maybe you're reading this after November 19, 2021, that's OK, send us your prayer request and we'll pray for you.

PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens

One last thing - tap this link to see and hear a music video by Danny Gokey, it will encourage you, I'm sure. - one line in the song says "It's a season for healing, it's a season for change - to see miracles happen that no one can fathom as Heaven invades"

With Love and Faith for you
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George Dupree


Carolyn Dupree - November 17th, 2021 at 8:42pm

I am expecting great things from God in my life and the lives of my loved ones and our church family I believe this is an appointed time for the Holy Spirit to move mightily.

April - June 20th, 2023 at 8:44pm

Please immediately and permanently heal me Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Financially. Bring love and prosperity and support into my world indefinitely. Please eliminate all roadblocks to my personal success. Thank you. Amen.