Don't Re-Repent!

Do you ever find yourself re-repenting for your sin?

What I mean by re-repenting is this, you've asked for forgiveness and because of that you're forgiven. But as some times passes you remember your sin, you feel remorse and then you feel the need to re-repent or repent again.

All of that is based on how you feel.

At first, when you sin,  you feel or recognize your sin and that's good. It's called good guilt or compunction.

Compunction is a feeling of guilt that follows the doing of something bad. Theologically it's called conviction.

So you feel guilty and you decide to repent and ask for and receive forgiveness. It's finished, done, the price was paid by Jesus on the cross. So now the thing to do is leave it behind and walk in the freedom of forgiveness.

But, as I said, later on you remember your sin and feel remorse, shame or guilt.  So you repent again. But there's no need for that. What's necessary is thanksgiving for forgiveness and another thing too. That next thing is to pray and ask god to show you why you've sinned and how to shore up your life to protect you in the future. You pray for God to make you sensitive to the warning signs so you'll avoid temptations etc.

If it's sin that repeats itself you do need to repent again and do those other things I just mentioned and it's a good idea to have someone that you can confide in about your vulnerability and they can come along side you and help you in those times of vulnerability.

This is what we need to remember...God  says, “I will never again remember their sins and lawless deeds.” And when sins have been forgiven, there is no need to offer any more sacrifices.
Hebrews 10:17-18

The price for sin is death and Jesus died on the cross and now we can live in forgiveness.

Please, don't let the enemy of your soul dump guilt, condemnation, shame and confusion on you.

Whenever you have remorse over forgiven sin turn that feeling into thanksgiving, you'll be amazed at the freedom that will bring.

God Bless You Today.
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